Success Leaves Clues
Success Leaves Clues
Surprise visit w/ BJ Teriba!

Welcome back to Success Leaves Clues! My man BJ Teriba was back in town for a visit, and we got the opportunity to sit down and catch up! We review how we each educated the other when we worked together, and what we’re each doing now. 

BJ is currently based out of New York as he works to expand his business – PREP Management. You can find him here: 

To learn more about my coaching and training programs, you can visit me online at

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Valuable Moments: 

1:00 – History and growing together

2:45 – Create more Leaders

4:30 – Growth experts vs. Marketing

6:45 – Marketing: Expense or Investment?

9:10 – Market someone out of business

11:30 – Start with the customer, not the product

12:30 – Innovate or die

16:00 – Texting is king

17:15 – Work, Live, Play

19:30 – Loss isn’t a loss if its a lesson

24:45 – Small Business and Marketing

26:00 – Cost and Profit Margin

28:00 – Tools and Apps to help

35:00 – The CLUE

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