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Learn the strategies created and personally used by national motivational speaker Gary Brackett to turn your small business into a well-oiled machine.

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At the heart of my coaching philosophy is the belief that true champions are forged through consistent habits and unwavering commitment.

As a national motivational speaker, I challenge teams and individuals to establish routines that transcend obstacles, uniting them as a formidable force in pursuit of their goals.



Discover the story of a former walk-on turned Super Bowl champion. I invite you to explore my journey—a testament to overcoming adversity and establishing championship routines. Learn how my experiences on and off the field empower corporations and associations to reach their full potential with leadership development and business coaching.

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3 Ways National Motivational Speaker Gary Brackett Can Help Unleash Your Inner Strength and Reach Your Full Potential

National motivational speaker Gary Brackett speaking at TEDx

Motivational Speaking

Transformational speaking at a keynote, virtual event, conference, or webinar. As a keynote speaker, Gary will ignite your audience with passion and inspiration to create the best versions of themselves.

National motivational speaker Gary Brackett speaking about leadership development

Training & Development

With over 20 years of real-world experience as well as resources and toolkits inside Champion’s Huddle, Gary will entertain your group and develop them into championship performers. Gary’s team building strategies and leadership development programs are designed to inspire greatness.

National motivational speaker Gary Brackett providing business insights and guidance

Business Coaching

Develop an intimate relationship with Champ Builders and allow us to dive deeply into your organization to create tangible results and develop leaders to help you achieve your company goals. As a business coaching expert, Gary provides actionable insights and strategic guidance.

Gary's Online Courses

Gary Brackett Self Development and Business Course The Champ in You

The Champ in You

This program will help you understand your purpose, create a roadmap for your bigger goals, and transform your habits to build a path of intentional change. Ideal for those seeking personal and professional development.

Gary Brackett Self Development and Business Course Champ CEO

Champ CEO

Champ CEO is the ultimate group coaching program designed for service-based entrepreneurs who want to unleash their full potential. Establish a clear vision, develop top-notch systems, and skyrocket your revenue by running your small business like a Fortune 500 company. Let’s turn your dreams into a success story with entrepreneurial growth.

Gary Brackett Business Development Course Champ Launch

Champ Launch

Champ Launch is designed to help subject matter experts unleash their awesomeness by developing a six-figure high-level coaching program and system to deliver mind-blowing transformations to their clients. Get ready to level up with business coaching.

Tailored to address the unique challenges faced by corporations, my speaking engagements blend motivation and practical strategies. Every presentation is an opportunity to inspire corporate success stories, unite as one, and achieve greatness.

The real-life lessons from my journey, including the unforgettable 2006 Super Bowl victory, captivate and energize audiences.


"Gary brought our team together like never before. His story resonated with everyone, and his message on consistency and leadership left a lasting impact."
Corporate Client
"Members were inspired and motivated to become better leaders after Gary's talk. His authenticity and championship insights make him a standout speaker."
Association Leader
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