Your team will benefit from Gary’s story of perseverance and success. He has created a proven framework on creatign championship habits and culture which he shares during his speaking events.

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Gary Brackett has a true passion for sharing his story. His enthusiasm allows him to reach those in need of encouragement and lead them in the right direction to achieve ultimate success. With determination and proper motivation, He believes that there are no limitations of what one can achieve.

Gary’s speaking style is to evaluate the needs of the audience and cater his message accordingly. He changes the way people think about challenges and how to overcome them. Gary motivates and encourages his audience by relating to their situation by thorough preparation.

Gary conveys his real life experiences to inspire the audience to get out of their comfort zone, overcome adversity and maximize performance.

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Gary Brackett is an entrepreneur & business coach who has risen to prominence by delivering high energy messages. He is asked to engage on a wide range of topics such as mentoring, assisting with general life skills, athletic training, business management, preparing for the recruiting process and overcoming obstacles. He sometimes provides intensive personal coaching to a select few that are wanting more “one-on-one” attention.

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