Gary Brackett podcast with corporate athlete Corey Jackson
Success Leaves Clues
Success Leaves Clues - Season 2, Episode 11

Welcome back to Success Leaves Clues! I was able to chat with my man Corey Jackson: former NFL player before becoming the CEO of Qwerkz – a social networking platform that helps professional athletes transition into the professional world. Corey’s story is inspiring; from his start as a star basketball player to getting into the NFL, Corey has kept his determination and focus. Listen in!  


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Valuable Moments: 

:50 – Intro & Background

4:00 – Transition into NFL

5:50 – Inspiration catches you

7:15 – Football camp, ABC & 123

10:00 – Moment, Can’t hesitate 

11:30 – Expect to be there

12:10 – Transition out of sports

14:15 – Is there something bigger for me?

18:40 – Qwerkz

21:00 – Skills Based Decoding

29:25 – The Clue

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