Success Leaves Clues
Success Leaves Clues
SLC Season 3, Ep 17 - William "Pop" Beckford

Welcome back to Success Leaves Clues! This week I got to sit down with a long-time friend and fellow Rutgers alum, Pop Beckford! Pop is the owner and CEO of Grind Time Fitness! 

You can see more of what Pop is up to here: Meet Pop

Towards the end of the episode, we talk a lot about building habits; if you feel stuck in your habits, check out my course Championship Habits! I walk you through how to build championship-level habits and upgrade your life!  

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Valuable Moments: 

1:20 – Intro, Mindset, Insight

2:00 – Talking Business

3:58 – Your Greatest Ability

5:35 – Why Rutgers?

7:05 – Perspective Changes

12:04 – Failing on Weights

13:50 – What Pop is doing

15:50 – How To Get a 6 Pack

18:15 – How Calories Work

19:20 – Good Carbs

25:10 – Fitness Programming

27:20 – Advice for Parents/Kids

32:00 – The Clue

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