Success Leaves Clues
Success Leaves Clues
SLC Season 3, Ep 16 - Duane "Stretch" Thalley

Success Leaves Clues: Season 3, Episode 

Welcome back to Success Leaves Clues! This week I sat down with none other than Duane “Stretch” Thalley – Operations Agent for Southwest Airlines (the guy that makes sure the plane won’t crash if something fails) and host of the podcast Follow D$ (da money) Podcast! We talk about growing up, nicknames, and podcast tips and tricks!

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Valuable Moments: 

0:00 – 6:00 -> Intro & History

6:00 -> Overseas & Basketball

7:00 -> Family

7:40 -> Nicknames

8:15 -> Southwest

13:50 -> Transitioning & Podcast

18:00 -> Question asked at end of podcast

19:30 -> Podcast Tips

22:00 -> Video vs. Audio

24:30 -> Hardest thing for podcast/ers

25:45 -> Podcast Name

27:00 -> Where to Find Duane

27:50 -> The CLUE

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