Success Leaves Clues
Success Leaves Clues
Season 3, Episode 22 - Leadership and Self with Ryan McCarty

Welcome back to Success Leaves Clues! I had the pleasure of sitting down with Ryan McCarty, internationally known consultant, speaker, and author of the groundbreaking book “Build A Culture Of Good”. He advises organizations on how to create an inspiring, meaningful, and engaging workplace and world.

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Valuable Moments: 

00:40 – Episode Rundown

2:00 – Soul of our business and life

5:30 – Returning back to self, Hero’s Journey

7:00 – Ryan’s History

9:15 – We all carry childhood trauma with us

12:45 – Living in the Flow

15:30 – Lack of Passion

17:00 – What does culture look like every day when people come to work and know their why?

17:30 – Culture of Good

18:45 – Actionable Values

21:30 – Where does culture start?

26:15 – How to get involved with Culture of Good

28:00 – CandlCon

34:15 – Culture is the Essence

35:00 – Candl Con Details

38:45 – The Clue

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