Welcome back to Success Leaves Clues! This week I sat down with longtime friend and fellow speaker Darrin Gray! Darrin has 25+ years of media and sports marketing experience and is a part of the non-profit All Pro Dad. He is recognized as a thought leader and speaker on the topics of the Fatherless Epidemic, Parenting, and Mentor Leadership. Darrin also co-authored The Jersey Effect, Beyond the World Championship, with Foreword by Tony Dungy. 


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Valuable Moments: 

1:00 – Who is Darrin Gray

3:00 – Vulnerable Tony Dungy moment & wisdom

5:00 – Life Change

7:30 – Hard Topics

9:00 – Misunderstanding men

10:30 – Find the joy

12:30 – Mentoring

15:00 – Prioritize people

20:00 – Perspective and context

24:00 – Your platform matters

25:30 – Book and story

30:50 – Always a yes until it’s no

31:30 – How God uses us in our lives

33:00 – Surround yourself with the best

33:30 – Success and how to define it

36:00 – Event

38:45 The Clue

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