Welcome back to Success Leaves Clues! This week I got the chance to sit down with Scott Jarred – CEO and a man that knows and works his vision! 

Scott is the CEO of Invst – a finance company built around this core vision: craft the ultimate uncommon experience. Their mission is to educate, guide, and counsel their clients toward reaching their full financial potential. 

You can check them out here: Invst

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Valuable Moments: 

00:30 – Future Hack book

1:45 – 1% crazies

2:30 – Abundance and Scarcity Mindset

5:10 – Advice for new money

8:45 – How to protect yourself

11:45 – COVID investment ideas

14:45 – Have Rules

24:00 – Money and Taxes

26:15 – Brand Change

30:00 – Call to Action

32:15 – Story from Gary

34:00 – After Future Hack

36:10 – The Clue

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