I visited my hometown of Glassboro, New Jersey a couple of weeks ago, and besides having the honor to speak at a Black History Month event, I was able to sit down with Kevin Knox. Kevin is a personal growth expert, best-selling author, and an award-winning inspirational speaker. You can find out more about him and his coaching here: 


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Valuable Moments: 

2:00 – Background

4:00 – Sports, How Kevin got here

4:50 – Always walk in the shoes of your greatness

6:00 – What holds you back

7:15 – What if?

11:00 – Breathing, not living

13:30 – Mindset is greatest principle

18:00 – Subconscious mind

19:45 – I am

22:30 – What you become

23:30 – Context and Beliefs

25:30 – Faith & Fear are beliefs

28:40 – Cybernetics

32:00 – Imagination

35:00 – Law of Vibration

42:00 – The Clue

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