Success Leaves Clues Season 2, Episode 13 – Rapping it out with Bob Kravitz

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Welcome back to Success Leaves Clues! I sat down this week with long time friend and writer extraordinaire Bob Kravitz! Bob has covered sports as a columnist and a feature writer for over 36 years! He graduated from IU, and has worked for many high class publications. We discuss his career, the Colts, the Hall of Fame, and many other things before getting to the Clue!
You can find Bob and what he is doing now here: https://theathletic.com/author/bob-kravitz/

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Valuable Moments:
1:00 – Bob’s love
1:30 – Top stories over career
5:30 – Manning Stories
7:20 – First time on the air from GB
8:40 – Sports Writers
10:15 – Arriving in Indy
11:30 – Biggest Story of career
14:50 – Patriots and Deflate Gate
18:00 – Patriot Success -> Belichick or Brady
19:30 – Peyton HOF/Story
24:00 – Players and Reporting
28:00 – Greatest Game Covered
28:45 – About Bob
31:15 – The Athletic
32:45 – What readers need to do
33:45 – Mental Health Awareness
36:49 – Full Transparency
37:50 – Sharing Vulnerability
39:50 – Story @ Jags
42:15 – The Clue

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