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Success Leaves Clues – Season 2, Episode 12: XG Groom Room

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Welcome back to Success Leaves Clues! We are back with a fun-filled episode this week as we sit down with the owners of the XG Groom Room, Tylor Marzullo & Drew Ervin! They made the move to open their business, regardless of the pandemic, and they have been thriving. I have personally been going to Drew for some time, and I am very excited to visit the new shop!

The Guests

Drew is a stylist and owner of the XG Groom Room and has been cutting hair for 10+ years. He first began cutting hair in high school and a few years after completing high school, he then graduated from Kayes School of Cosmetology. Since then, he has managed to build an extensive list of clientele which includes over 250 clients extending throughout the country. Drew says that the most difficult part of his journey to both becoming a stylist and opening up a shop has been reminding himself that the way he thinks, and what he believes, will soon become reality.

Tylor is also a stylist and co owner of XG; he began cutting hair in middle school. His mother was a beautician and always left clippers and liners lying around the house, so he started to experiment on himself and his friends. Eventually, Tylor graduated from the Fuqua Institute of Cosmetology and pursued his passion and dream of opening up a shop. “The hardest part of pursuing a career as a stylist has been staying confident in my ability to reach the next level and building a legacy for those after me. But my dreams keep me moving forward.”

The guys decided to follow their dreams, and through hard work mixed with an unrelenting determination, they designed and opened XG Groom Room – not your average barbershop, but a place to come and relax and get the perfect cut! They have created a space that isn’t just about getting your hair cut – it’s about the atmosphere – welcoming, warm, and friendly.

Check them out here: https://booksy.com/en-us/429554_xg-groom-room_barber-shop_19577_indianapolis


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Valuable Moments:

1:10 – Shop Design
2:15 – 2020 Effects
3:45 – Downtown Indy Safety
6:00 – The Barbers
8:15 – Shop Talk
13:30 – Barber Shop Etiquette
15:00 – Best Relationships w/ Barbers
20:30 – Exciting News
22:45 – The Clue

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