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Success Leaves Clues – Leadership in Adversity w/ David Hampton (Season 2, Episode 7)

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On this episode, I dive right in with Dr. David Hampton about leading in adversity; An Indianapolis Native, Dr. David Hampton is the current Deputy Mayor of Indianapolis and former pastor of the Bethany Baptist Church. We sit down and discuss some of the tough issues our city is facing and how to address them. 

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Valuable Minutes – 

:15 – Dr. Hampton Intro

1:35 – Hopelessness and needing an icon

4:00 – Finding the way

7:55 – Pandemic and lessons

11:30 – Covid and the city

13:40 – Race and Equity Budget

16:30 – Police

18:20 – Governor’s Mansion Incident

21:30 – Social Media and cameras

22:00 – Realistic, good and bad

23:00 – Minneapolis

24:00 – Difference of protest vs. riot

24:15 – 2 sets of ppl -> protestors and those looking to riot

25:25 – Not widely spread view

27:50 – Resources for Homelessness

30:10 – Action Steps

33:45 – The Clue

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