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How To Find Your Inner Fire With Jason Barnaby

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On the latest episode of Success Leaves Clues, I sit with my good friend, leadership consultant, Culture and Engagement Expert, and “Chief Firestarter”, Jason Barnaby! On the episode we explore a range of topics & answer key questions including:

  • His first few years after college living on the slopes in Colorado & Poland.
  • His beginning as a teacher and his matriculation into the corporate training world.
  • His transition into entrepreneurship. 
  • “What if abouts” aka Limiting Beliefs.
  • “The sin of the desert”, when you have the ability to quench a person’s thirst or help someone and don’t because of your own self-limiting beliefs.
  • The process of launching his first book & the bright side of launching flawed products 
  • The art of “Finding Your Fire, Fanning Your Flame & Tending Your Tribe!”

Check out Jason’s website,( www.firestarterstribe.com/) , where you can learn more about the #FirestarterTribe, buy 30 Days To Blaze and get more information about his workforce engagement training program!

You can download the Relationship Audit Worksheet I mentioned HERE: http://Champions.Academy/detox-relationships-slc-ep2

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Key Quotes

  • “People want to follow leaders like you, but they can’t follow if you won’t step out and lead.” – Jason Barnaby
  • “This vision that you have for your life takes TIME — don’t let the internet fool you!” – Gary Brackett

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