4 Lessons I’ve Learned On The Green

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A Short Lived Golf Career

When I left the league, golf became my favorite past-time. I would hit the green with the guys daily and spend the day talking about life and enjoying an adult beverage or two as well. My wife was still in medical school and working an insane amount of hours. But I felt like I had already done everything I wanted to in life. I was a walk-on turned 2 time MVP at Rutgers. I was captain of a Super Bowl team. I was “accomplished”. I felt like I had earned my eternal spot on the green in retirement.

One day, my daughter asked me a question that would change my life forever. She said:

Daddy, what are you gonna be when you grow up?

That was the day everything changed for me. I decided to get into entrepreneurship and reconfigure my toolkit. Eventually I went to George Washington University to complete my MBA and that was how my journey in entrepreneurship began.

I still enjoy a golf game or two here and there. However, I’m not on the green nearly as much as before. I’ve prioritized my family, my wellness and my business over countless hours of play and while it’s tough to stay away, I think it was the best decision of my life.

Golf 🏌️⛳️ is a very humbling game. I was told once “If you golf over a 100 you have no business golfing if you Golf under 80 you have no business at all.”  and I had no business being on the green 🤣.

At the same time, when I do make time to play, I’ve learned to go shoot my hundred, enjoy the time with my friends. And after hundreds of games during my post football golf bing, I’ve picked up a few 🔑 lessons along the way. After all, sports is art (to me) and art never stops imitating life 💯.

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1.Have A Precise Target In Mind 🎯

Ever hear the saying “Aim small, miss small”? Well in life, it works the same way. The bigger the goal, the easier it is to miss it.

But when you zero in on a target on the green, you want to pull your aim and focus toward one small target so that if you miss, you’ll still be in the vicinity of your target. “Shoot for the moon, fall in the stars” has a similar connotation and while the moon is a pretty big target, falling in the stars is the worst case scenario if you aim for that.

2. Don’t Beat Yourself Up 👊

How you talk to yourself is how you will see the world. When I was a daily golfer, we’d have a caddy who always picked me up when he saw I was getting in my own head. He would tell me “Don’t worry about it Gary, the next one’s a hole in one for sure”, even on my worst days. His perspective sticks with me even today.

Sometimes you’ve just got to write it down to yourself.

In my mindset program, #ChampionsAcademy, I preach about the idea of #PositiveSelfTalk. A lot of the time, you have to be the positive force in your OWN life. You cannot wait or rely on anyone else positively affirming your value or worth, you have to find ways to do it on your own. You have to create your own “inner caddy” and pick yourself up.

3. Play The Percentages 📊

Golf, sports, and life in general is a lot easier when you do this. Historical data is the cheat code that tells you exactly where you need to focus your efforts to increase the likelihood of success.

In golf, some shots are simply have a higher rate of success than others, and the same applies to life in pretty much any scenario. So when you’re having trouble thinking about things, stop worrying and start playing the percentages.

4. Instead Of Focusing On The Score, Focus On The Routine 🔁

Whenever I play golf, I know how well I’ll perform on any given day by how my pre shot and post shot routine(s) feel. When I’m focused on routine instead of the score, I always play better. It applied when I played football and applies everyday in my role as a CEO.

The score is always a lagging indicator of the preparation and consistency you are implementing in your routine. In sports it’s how well you practice, the film you watch and the technical tweaks you make to your game that usually determines the outcome.

In business it’s the systems and SOPs you put in place and the effective daily execution of those processes that ultimately determines what your score (revenue) looks like at the end of the quarter or the year.

Focus on routine & preparation and eventually the score will catch up to it.

These are just a few of the lessons I’ve learned in golf, in football and in life. I’ve created a program in Champions’ Academy that I believe will equip anyone who dives into it with the mental models, frameworks, and tactics that everyone needs to achieve the Championship Lifestyle. And I’m absolutely excited to share it with the world.

Let’s Create The Life You Envision For Yourself By Building The Habits You Need To Get There.

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