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I read something the other day, right before I had to take a short trip, and it resonated with me in such a way that I wanted to share it with you all. The point of the article was to remind us that our past does not define our future; for example, less than 5% of our time when driving is spent looking in the rearview mirror. The mirror itself is small and doesn’t show us much, but the area that we spend the most time looking (hopefully) is the windshield – it is large and shows us obstacles coming our way and lies ahead.

Let’s be honest – too many of us spend our time looking in the rearview; in order to be successful, you have to stop! We have to make the conscious decision to stop focusing on what we used to be and instead focus on what we can or want to be. Yes, our past more than likely taught us many lessons that continue to shape us to this day, and those lessons are important, but that is all they should be – a lesson to learn from. The past is a creator, a builder – it shapes and builds us into the person that we are today. We gain experiences and lessons from the past – whether it be mistakes or wins.

Instead of focusing on the successes we achieved in the past, we need to take the things we learned and apply them to the future! Take a step back and look over your life…but, much like when driving a car, shift into drive and make the decision to change your life for the better. Make the decision to stop focusing on the haves and choose your new path; because, trust me, there is greatness inside of you. There is a Champion inside of you that is fighting to get out!

We all have made mistakes in our lives, we all have had glory moments that highlight our life – but we cannot go through existence leaning on those things. They do not define you – they are only a part of your story! Do not let the pain from the past immobilize you! Use it – let it build you, let it motivate you! MAKE THAT DECISION! Have the GRIT to overcome and become stronger. Reflect, learn, and move forward! Feed that Champion inside, because believe me he is plenty hungry.

Feel that fire in your gut and encourage it! You can redefine yourself at any moment in your life – you just have to decide to commit to the work that must be done. YOU determine your future, the actions of the past do not. So…what will your definition be? A mediocre story littered with reflections and stories from the past, or an epic story that showcases a transformation into greatness?
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