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Flipping Houses With Jason Lucchesi (Success Leaves Clues – Season 2, Episode 6)

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Jason And Gary

Welcome back to Success Leaves Clues! Today I sit down with a self-made man who has learned by going through the struggle to get to where he is today; please help me welcome Jason Lucchesi! Jason started off in real estate as a loan officer in 2002 and founded his own company, No Flipping Excuses, in 2008. He has created an entire mindset around real estate and works with people as people, not dollars.

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Valuable Moments: 

1:25 – No Flipping Excuses

3:35 – Boiling it down, networking

6:10 – Percentages

7:10 – Skin in the game

8:00 – How to, Talk to people

9:00 – Learn to Negotiate

9:40 – Treat people as people, not dollar signs

11:55 – Being able to sell

16:20 – Side Hustle

18:00 – How to and breaking down Wholesale

24:30 – No Flipping Excuses Academy

31:40 – Knowledge is Power

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