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Fireside Chat With Indiana Gubenatorial Candidate Dr. Woody Myers (Part 1)

By September 28, 2020 No Comments

What’s up CHAMP?! This episode of Success Leaves Clues is very special because I’m hosting my first political candidate! I’ve known this man for years and always thought him as a very wise man, but to hear his thoughts and goals on Indiana and topics like police reform, health, education and economic initiatives was a real treat.

A loving husband and father, a Stanford Undergrad & Harvard Medical School Graduate, a professional who’s held numerous corporate and government positions, he is now potentially the first African-American Governor of Indiana. In a time where representation is more important than ever in every arena, we commend him for his historic efforts and take away key insights from his experience that will undoubtedly continue to endear him in all his endeavors.

Take a listen as Dr. Woody Myers and I dive into his background, opinions on Indiana politics and where he sees the role of governor in that context in the first of a 2 part interview.

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