Finish Strong Friday: Fight Or Flight?

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In every moment of our lives, we are faced with two choices: fight or flight. 

The idea of “fight or flight” started as the description to the psychological phenomenon we as humans undergo when an obstacle appear in our lives. Instinctually, these are the two basic choices we are programmed with as humans. 

To “fight” means to attack your problems head on, like a boxer in a ring. When you fight adversity, you build experience that serves you in the long term. When I decided to fight for a spot in the NFL after hearing from countless scouts that I wasn’t good enough, I made a decision to face my obstacles head on and fight my way into the league. When I decided to fight, I also made a commitment to my goal. For me, fighting in the face of adversity is the true mark of a champion. 
Flight on the other hand means running (or flying) away from your issues like, say a bird flying south for the winter. 
When you first hear the statement, you may think the two words have equal weight as strategies. 
I tend to disagree.
When you choose “flight”,  to run from your problems instead of facing them head on, it’s a lose-lose situation. In your head, you’ve saved yourself from a difficult situation. In truth however, you’ve denied yourself an opportunity for growth and more importantly are building a habit of giving up.
We don’t practice bad habits around here.
Choosing to face your problems head on and “fight”, while tougher in the immediate, has the bigger long term reward. While you may struggle with the situation you’re faced with, you are getting two pieces of invaluable ROI: you gain experience in learning how to deal with that problem or issue and you build resilience. 
Remember: what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.  #FinishStrongFriday
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