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Donuts with Dads: On Responsibility and Availability

By April 14, 2019 March 17th, 2020 No Comments

Chalk up another rousing success for the Towne Meadow Elementary School’s Donuts With Dads initiative!


On Friday, April 12, 2019, kids and their dads spent an hour of donut-powered fun during the latest replay of the school’s annual breakfast event for increasing awareness with students’ fathers.


My children go to Towne Meadow, so I was also there, having a fun-filled breakfast with friends and family. 


Aside from that, the school had also invited me to share some of the hard-earned lessons I’ve learned with the dads in the audience.


I talked about my continuing journey as a father and what I truly believe is a father’s greatest ability: his availability.


Because think about it: at the end of the day, what’s most important is a father being there—to teach, to make sacrifices, to get involved, and sometimes even to just listen and learn.


It’s a powerful message that can sometimes be drowned out and forgotten in our rush to build a comfortable life for our children, but it’s a lesson that all of us—dads, moms, parents, grandparents—should all take to heart.

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