Success Leaves Clues

Discovering Your Happiness With Ron Jenerette (Success Leaves Clues Episode 4)

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This week I visit with an old college friend, Ron Jenerette; we played for Rutgers together and had quite the bond through school. We discuss a variety of topics, but ask a deep question – What makes you happy?

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Valuable Moments:

1:15 – Shake Up Question, What Matters Most?

1:45 – How happy are you?

4:00 – Do whatever you want to do

5:00 – Desert Island Theory

6:30 – You have to start, Highlight reel

7:10 – People are who they are supposed to be

7:30 – College Bonding, Chess

8:40 – Voice Note, Having a Plan

10:40 – Ron’s Past/College

15:45 – Camaraderie

17:06 – So Much To Give

18:15 – Effort

20:00 – Thinking and Realizing

21:00 – Fathers

24:30 – Go do it, just try it

26:45 – Have to make time

30:15 – 1 clue to happiness

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