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Clarity is Purpose

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Have you ever asked your self this question:

What’s my purpose?

It seems redundant, right? We can all probably count the amount of times we’ve been hit with age-old cliche. It may seem like an unnecessary question to some, but it’s the simple questions that are the heaviest, and even more times are left unanswered. Have you ever thought about what are you doing here on this earth? It’s a question whose answer drives me every day of my existence. Answering that question everyday gives me clarity in my context and that ultimately helps me live a more purposeful & fulfilled life.

Most of us do not have a clear vision for our lives. We find ourselves caught living a life we have not put much intrinsic value or thought into. We’ve been told “This is the way life works & you need to fall in line.”, and have taken it at face value. Some of us never spend the time doing the work and figuring out what truly motivates us or drives us or more importantly why you want out of this life. Introspection is a painstaking process. It takes time, dedication, and a good understanding of self to truly uncover the answer to that question. And that answer is the key to our motivation to lead more purposeful lives.

I began reading a book by Brendon Burchard called High-Performance Habits and it’s been enlightening to see some of my own personal habits show up in the book. Visualizing what I want out of a meeting.

Being someone that brings energy to a room.

These are traits I am blessed to have picked up on throughout my years, but one habit that I’ve learned from the book is being intentional in all areas of my life.

The goal I have for my life and the vision that I execute every day need different skill sets to be achieved. In the book, Brendan reveals that most successful people devote intentional time for personal development by booking it on their calendars. Whether it’s reading or taking a class, they invest time & resources in knowledge & personal growth, the biggest factors in any sort of success.

This habit stems from clarity. When you have a clear idea of what your purpose is, you can also develop a clear understanding of the lessons you need to learn and the skills you need to have to reach your destination. Clarity is PURPOSE. Whenever life seems unclear rediscover your purpose. I thought the application was worth sharing as we continue this journey of life together and share our own clues & ideas on success. I hope we all make it

Comment with one of your habits that gives you clarity & gives you control of your life…

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