4 Apps You Can Use To Manage Your Wellness

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The world is changing faster than ever before thanks to technology ⚡️. We are getting more efficient and effective thanks to digital tools that get us what we need. For me, I’ve made it a priority to use technology to help me specifically in managing my physical and mental health.

Here are 4 amazing tools I use to manage my wellness 📲❣️!

  1. Calm App

I use this app to help my meditation practice when I wake up. Clearing my head, setting my intention and manifesting my day is a practice that I engage in every morning. The Calm app is definitely my go-to for getting focused on self 🔑.

  1. Habit

Habit is an app that helps me keep track of my daily habits. As we know, our goals have to be broken down into daily micro-habits that contribute to our long-term success. A lot of times, we struggle to keep momentum because we don’t keep a daily reminder of our commitments. Habit helps me visualize my actions that matter and help me stay on track 💪

  1. Apple Notes

If you don’t write it down, it never happened! I use apple notes to organize my thoughts, take quick notes and create to-do lists to stay as effective as possible whether I am at work or on the go. It keeps anxiety away knowing I am on top of the thoughts in my head 📝!

  1. MyFitnessPal by Under Armour

Health is wealth for me and tracking my progress as I continue to train my strength & conditioning is very important. MyFitnessPal helps me track workouts, mileage and even my eating habits to keep me on my A-game 🏋!

Do you have any cool tools or apps you use to manage your health & wellness? Drop them in the comments so we can all benefit! #WinTheDay #Wellness #MentalWellness #PhysicalWellness #Health #ChampionshipHuddle

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