The Gary(s) Meet: Inspiration From Gary Vee

So, I’ve been holding this experience back for a while, figuring out how to engage. For the record is totally contradictory to what the man in question (Gary Vee) stands for. His authenticity in person was as just as real & apparent as when I listen to a podcast or watch a Youtube of his. His comments about creation through documentation is especially fascinating to me. As someone building a brand myself, I’m one that always wants to shoot but hesitates to post because I always think we can do better (curse my perfectionism).

However, meeting “Mr. Social Entrepreneur” himself, getting the chance to converse with him, express my admiration for his content and ultimately being able to witness his authenticity first-hand makes me want to get more involved than ever in the ever-growing digital landscape we inhabit. My journey, from walk-on to captain, to author, to executive producer, to entrepreneur, & last but certainly not least, to franchisor has had its moments of ups and downs that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

Meeting my namesake & one of the forefathers of digital strategy. Authentic is all I can say.

This experience has helped me recognize the need to share more about my journey and the steps I took to get where I am today. I now understand that creating content & engaging with my community contributes to my life’s mission: to build leaders through my work. So you’ll see me step it up in a big way, documenting my journey and living my truth. I want to show you that anything is possible and if you fall down 7 times your job is to stand up 8.

I’m GB and I hope we all make it.

Have you booked me for your next speaking engagement?

2 Comments on “The Gary(s) Meet: Inspiration From Gary Vee”

  1. Congrats GB!

    Love your story and this. Let’s get together soon and share stories.

    Btw, we’ve met a number of times.
    -At the Target on Michigan Road
    -Talked about our mutual friend Chris Long
    -At my Alma UIndy in the Greyhound Club tent at the football game.

    Let’s connect.

    Joe Morris

  2. It’s always a Blessing when your story and your walk can be a Blessing to someone else. .

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