Monday Message: Goal Setting & Dreaming BIG

Aim HIGH. Dream BIG.

Good morning & Happy Monday Team,

I hope we’ve all had a great weekend and are rejuvenated for the workweek. This weekend was an inspiring one in spurts for me. I watched a video from Lewis Howe which was a great reminder that an “overnight success takes 10 years in the making” (some more, some less depending on the circumstances). I highly suggest you follow him for motivational content. In any case, in the video his focus was on goal-setting. He described the opportunities that life afforded him, but specifically mentioned that some goals that he hit had taken 3, 5, and sometimes 10 years to achieve. That’s the risk you run when you dream “BIG”. I mean so “BIG” that it makes a doubter of your supporters.

Dream BIG

Some will laugh, others will speak down upon your dream, but when you have a vision so big that it seems like your sun, quitting is not an option. The thing about setting lofty goals & working toward them is this: it will always work in your favor. Even if you don’t hit your goals you will be much better for trying. When I picture success, I imagine the vivid visual of a man trying to roll rock ups the hill. As the story goes, for a while he pushes the rock up the hill and doesn’t succeed. After a few months of trying and the strength, muscles and sheer will he develops from his constant effort make him capable of finally hitting his breakthrough: pushing the rock up the hill.

My message for you this week is to dream crazy “big”. Who supports you in the beginning,  does not matter. If you can see it, you can do it, and I’m a firm believer. For those of us we need help  getting an idea structured, follow the same steps I do when I set goals:

1) Write it down (#Think).

2) Visualize (#See).

3) Let the dream pull you (#DO).

Now that you have an idea of what you want, switch your thinking cap up a bit now. Think about the idea of all out pursuit. At its worst, you are still stronger than the 80% of people who choose not to pursue their dreams to the end. The worst life lived is one of regret.

Dream BIG. Aim HIGH. And let it PULL you.

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