Impact The Masses: A Birthday Reflection

So I’ve eclipsed the year once again and as I do every birthday I reflect in not only the last 12 months but my entire life span. 38 years of life may not be long to some, but I’m blessed to say that I’ve seen so much in this lifetime that it feels like I’ve seen & experienced even more than the years would lead one to assume.

I’ve learned so many valuable lessons and met so many inspiring individuals that as much as I set out to inspire others, I truly draw inspiration from so many of the people i come in contact with. Whether it’s a quick Instagram comment or an hour-long podcast conversation, the people I come in contact with inspire me to be the better than I was yesterday (everyday). As I mention in Winning, on my podcast, and every moment I can to my team, my life goal is to finish every quarter of life faster, stronger, and more knowledgeable than the previous quarter—just as Secretariat did in Preakness.

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My focus as I write this piece, as I share my experiences & learn from the wise guests of Success Leaves Clues, and as I work everyday, however, is not an individual endeavor, but a goal to impact the masses.

My goal in sharing the story of my life in film with #Brackett is to inspire those who may have gone through similar hardships to the ones I’ve faced & even those who haven’t. If someone could take even an ounce of inspiration from my journey and use it as motivation to achieve, then my aspirations are instantly met (but the goal is millions, aim HIGH).

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My focus in building the Stacked Pickle franchise is to build a system of generation wealth for not just myself & my family , but also for the ones I am blessed to be able to partner & work with. The famous author Germany Kent writes “If you’re not reaching back to help anyone then you’re not building a legacy.” My wholistic focus is on using my assets to impact others— to build a legacy of giving and altruism that extends far past individual gains & ambitions. My goal, as childishly enthusiastic as it sounds, is to change the world through positive impact. After all, isn’t the elevation of our fellow man the reason we are placed on God’s earth?

So thanks those that have been along for the journey and I a warm welcome to those who’ve recently taken note.  I can’t say I have all the answers figured out, but on my birthday I can promise you one thing: I’m definitely turning things up a notch— in EVERY facet of life.

I’m Gary Brackett and I hope we all make it.

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