GBSpeaks: 12 Years In The Public Speaking Game.

Nowadays, social media serves as a bigger reminder than our own memories! I got a message from LinkedIn reminding me of my 12 yr anniversary of being a motivational speaker, and until now, I had not thought about the accomplishment of longevity.

I am fortunate for the opportunity to continually speak, inspire, and motivate people to lead better lives. This is a process that constantly forces me to assess, reassess, commit. I have to thank the man above for leading me down this path.

I still chuckle at the little boy who had a speech impediment as a kid and used to speak with flash cards as a crutch. Now I am fortunate enough to fly around the country and speak in front of thousands of people. PowerPoint helps me out a bit, but the time I’ve put in to practice and hone my skills are the real crutch I lean on. Oh how the tides can turn if you put your mind to it and give it all you’ve got!

I study the modern day speaking legends like Tony Robbins and Les Brown. Being an entrepreneur in 2018 is familiarizing oneself with the entire landscape of your industry. Upcoming speakers like Inky Johnson, Seth Mattison, and Eric Thomas are people I follow as well. Each person possesses a unique style, but they all have the one quality all great speakers do. They all authentically connect with their audience in truly impacting engaging, and heuristic ways. In other words, when they speak, their audience is learning about their experience as speakers & human beings. Audiences connect to the ideas of these speakers in a way that encourages self-improvement & education. That is where their true value as speakers & leaders lies: in inspiring through their stories.  

My life experiences in the past as an athlete, as a son and now as an entrepreneur, as a husband, and as a father give me the tools to do the same. And I give thanks every single day for that opportunity.

If you are looking for a keynote with 12 years of experience, shoot us an inquiry below or email us at with event details & budgets.

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