Gary Replies: Success Starts With You .

Gary Replies: Success Starts With You ????????.

I got a message on LinkedIn the other day that really hit me. It reads:

Hey Gary,

Not sure if you have time to respond back. What does it take to be successful? Thanks!


I was taken aback by this short yet direct message because not too many people have challenged me to think so deeply about my own personal idea of success at its base. It sent me through an immediate thought process. In my head, Gary’s never killing it and always can be doing better. I am, however, supremely confident and understand that success starts with ME first and foremost.

I was lucky enough to have parents who instilled a consistent message of how to go about chasing success, and it’s something I thank them for to this day. Highlighting my father for instance, I like to say he had a “PhD in Common Sense”. He and my mother instilled a work ethic and growth mindset that still guide me to this day. If I could, I would bog you down with every aspect the lessons my parents taught me as as kid. I share a lot of them in my book, Winning, though I really hope you check it out and let me know if you find it helpful in thinking of your problems!

I believe I have achieved (some, not all) of the things I want in life (I’ve got a long list & it’s still growing). In short, this is a 3 step plan to finding success (as you define it):

1. Define What Success Is In Your Own Eyes.

The first thing you have to know is that success is (by definition) subjective. Even when studying those who have lead similar paths to one you are pursuing, always remember your context is DIFFERENT. Ultimately only you know exactly what you want to gain out of life & the things you are pursuing. So live your life and define your own version of success because it’s yours to decide!

The first step to progress is defining a metric of success and sticking with it.

2. Develop A Plan

Planning is a consistent theme in my book. One quote, though a bit lengthy, stands out to me from my father:

“We must never limit ourselves to the lower bar right in front of us. We must reach higher than we think possible, to that level that seems out of our reach. We can only rise to the level of our expectations. Too often kids don’t know or care what they want to do with their lives. Kids who have no plans will get nothing.”

This quote means a lot. Planning is in a sense dreaming — both involve a great deal of foresight &inspiration. Our plans are only ideas on paper until we put action to them, very much like dreams and goals. We all know that plans are subject to change and are almost never. perfect. If we do not give ourselves the chance to dream in a way that, however, what future do we have to look forward to?

Planning is an essential part of any dream we actually want to make a a reality. Write it down!!!

3. DO THE WORK! Actions Speak Louder Than Words

This is the part most people struggle with and what separates achievers from dreamers. My work ethic is my best skill & the thing I work on the most. In my playing days, whenever a coach would give me a negative review on the field, I took it as a message that I needed to work harder. Actions speak louder than words, simply because

Even now, as the Head Coach/CEO of my team at The Stacked Pickle, I work hard to find the various things that our business could be doing better (there’s always something to fine tune), put a plan in place and make sure me and my team ACT on the plans we’ve set for ourselves. Accountability goes into action as well — after all, we are human and prone to mistake. Having someone around to keep you focused on tasks is helpful, but ultimately the onus is on you to DO THE WORK!

Always remember, ACTIONS speak (much) LOUDER than words.

I think following these three steps will put anyone on the right track when it comes to succeeding at anything in life. What do you think? Was this helpful? Leave a comment, share this on social media, and start the conversation!

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