Clue of the Day: Practice Makes Perfect.

What’s going on friends? I hope everyone’s having a productive weekend because I know I am! This weekend, I played basketball for the first time in a year. Full disclosure: I DO have a half court in my house but this was my first time running full court & getting the great cardio that comes with it.

Anyway, while playing I started to self assess my own game and note a few things. The first thing I noticed was how flat my shot was during the game. Now I was never a jump shooter (I know my strengths & feel like I can still take it to the rack like mini Bron ????????). After a shot that felt good, but just grazed the rim, I stopped and took a second (ok, maybe less than a second— I get back on D!) to think about what was wrong. Then BAM!

It hit me.

The reason it was off was because at home when I shoot with my kids I have the rim at 8ft or 9ft. Every once in a while, we lift the goal to 10ft. but being that I haven’t consistenly been shooting at that height, the shot is totally different. I instantly drew a parallel to life (I stumble onto #lifeclues in this way often). I found in life this is too what occurs so many people– they set their goals to 8ft or 9ft & get crushed when the game comes and they have to play on a 10ft rim. If practice makes perfect, you HAVE to practice at the highest levels to perform at the highest levels.

I go back to my years at the Colts and the reason we were one on the winnigest teams of our decade was because practice was HARDER than the game not EASIER. So as an athlete, student , entrepreneur– as a person, the question then becomes: how can I simulate the toughest task that will make your game day easier?

So knowing I had a bad shooting day ahead, you’re probably thinking I had a pretty poor game. Well, I’m proud to say: I did pretty well even with my bad shooting. In the same instant I realized I probably wasn’t going to dominate the game, I also decided to use my effort and intelligence to impact the game positively. I was still able to make great passes, play good defense, communicate and set awesome picks to get my teammates open for their shot. It’s never about who’s having the best game, it’s ALWAYS about who’s doing their best to maximize their tools for the good of the team. And that’s always something we can control every time we step on the court, in the office, or anywhere else in life.

The object of basketball, much like life, is to put the ball in the basket. No one ever said you’d be the one scoring it every time. But while you’re on the floor, best believe you play a part in the success of each and every play whether you see it or not.

My mission in life is the finish every quarter stronger than the first. How I intend to get there is by continuing to set my teammates up for their (best) shots, rebound their misses and encourage them to keep shooting. And if I go 30% from the field then so be it. But Jordan is known as the best basketball player of all time not only because he was the best PLAYER of all time, but the best WINNER. So my comment to you is:

Shoot your shot & impact the game in every way you can!!!

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Till the next clue!

Gary Brackett

Success Leaves CLUES ????

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