GBGives: A Pitch for The Impact Foundation & The Return of “Rocket Arm”

Another year, another successful “Field Of Dreams” event for the Impact Foundation. Every time I get the opportunity to serve the members of the program, I am also reminded of the reason I started it all in the first place. 11 years ago, close to the day, I found out my brother was diagnosed with cancer. My heart was already … Read More

GBSpeaks: 12 Years In The Public Speaking Game.

Nowadays, social media serves as a bigger reminder than our own memories! I got a message from LinkedIn reminding me of my 12 yr anniversary of being a motivational speaker, and until now, I had not thought about the accomplishment of longevity. I am fortunate for the opportunity to continually speak, inspire, and motivate people to lead better lives. This … Read More

#Brackett: Don’t Give Up!

Heading To LA: The Road To #Brackett What’s going on #TeamBrackett?! I’ve been on the road all week, and though it’s been a nonstop grind since we landed, it’s been a blessing. The way I see this trip, in my head is: “Another trip to LA, another step closer to making #Brackett a reality.” Entrepreneurship is a long but rewarding road. … Read More

Impact The Masses: A Birthday Reflection

So I’ve eclipsed the year once again and as I do every birthday I reflect in not only the last 12 months but my entire life span. 38 years of life may not be long to some, but I’m blessed to say that I’ve seen so much in this lifetime that it feels like I’ve seen & experienced even more … Read More

Wins & Losses: Entrepreneurship Isn’t Easy.

Running a franchise, owning your own business, making a tough decision within that business– none of it is easy. Many tend to have this notion that entrepreneurs lead a perfect life– because many times, that’s all they show. Well, I’m here today to give you the raw deal as it stands from my perspective. This is a rewarding, but unforgiving … Read More

An Interview With WHMB TV40

This weekend, I got the chance to sit down with TV 40’s own Kelly Vaughn and chat about life after football, how that championship atmosphere has translated to the Stacked Pickle, and the great things we’ve been able to do in 10 years with the #BrackettFoundation. One of my favourite things about the interview is the focus on transition. Making … Read More

Clue of the Day: Practice Makes Perfect.

What’s going on friends? I hope everyone’s having a productive weekend because I know I am! This weekend, I played basketball for the first time in a year. Full disclosure: I DO have a half court in my house but this was my first time running full court & getting the great cardio that comes with it. Anyway, while playing … Read More

Developing A Giver’s Mindset With Rob Vaka.

On this episode of #SuccessLeavesClues, I sit down with career-giver Rob Vaka, Director of Player Engagement at SignaturePro, a company helping pro athletes, entertainers, and high achievers transition to the professional/entrepreneurial space. An  All-American athlete, turned entrepreneur, turned giver, Rob has made it a mission of his to help other individuals live more confidently, fully, and purposefully. A New Jersey Native, … Read More

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4 Simple Steps for Distribution Merchants to Kickstart their Online Adventure

What is Lorem Ipsum? Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry’s standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic … Read More