Clarity Is Purpose

Clarity Is Purpose

Have you ever asked yourself this question: What’s my purpose? It seems redundant, right? We can all probably count the amount of times we’ve been hit with age-old cliche. It seems like an easy question, but simple questions are usually left unanswered. Have you ever thought about what are you doing here on this earth? It’s a question whose answer … Read More

Weekend Getaway: My Best Friend.

What’s going on #TeamBrackett & friends!!! After I had some productive meetings in LA I snuck away for a getaway with my best friend for some R&R(&R) in Laguna Beach. When I talk about my best friend, I’m talking about my wife. She is single handled one of the best decisions I made in my life. At times people get so caught … Read More

The Gary(s) Meet: Inspiration From Gary Vee

So, I’ve been holding this experience back for a while, figuring out how to engage. For the record is totally contradictory to what the man in question (Gary Vee) stands for. His authenticity in person was as just as real & apparent as when I listen to a podcast or watch a Youtube of his. His comments about creation through … Read More

Developing Your Mojo With Travis “Mr.Mojo” Brown (SLC Ep.2)

#SuccessLeavesClues: On this episode, I sit with Travis “Mr.Mojo” Brown. Travis is a business consultant & motivational speaker who is about RESULTS. Travis is a graduated of Purdue University where he played Division 1 Football. After school, he decided to pursue a motivational speaking career, which has been a blessed path for him. According to his website, “As one … Read More

Thank You Indy Eleven!

Last week, the Stacked Pickle was afforded the opportunity to participate in a promotional campaign with Indy Eleven for their home opener at Lucas Oil Stadium. We created 3 extremely cool & funny ads in preparation for opening day, and I can’t thank The Eleven, Ersal Ozdemir (Team Owner), the team, as well as the fans & patrons we do it … Read More

A Chance To Speak At The 2018 NFLPA Conference

Today, I had a pleasure of speaking at the NFLPA Convention. Many of my friend, followers, and connections who did not play football may be unfamiliar with the organization, but as a former player I understand the importance of a strong union & support system to lean on in moments of uncertainty. The National Football League Players Association is the union for … Read More

Developing A Giver’s Mindset With Rob Vaka.

On this episode of #SuccessLeavesClues, I sit down with career-giver Rob Vaka, Director of Player Engagement at SignaturePro, a company helping pro athletes, entertainers, and high achievers transition to the professional/entrepreneurial space. An  All-American athlete, turned entrepreneur, turned giver, Rob has made it a mission of his to help other individuals live more confidently, fully, and purposefully. A New Jersey Native, … Read More

Gary Replies: Success Starts With You .

Gary Replies: Success Starts With You ????????. I got a message on LinkedIn the other day that really hit me. It reads: Hey Gary, Not sure if you have time to respond back. What does it take to be successful? Thanks! -Marc I was taken aback by this short yet direct message because not too many people have challenged me to … Read More