Brackett Movie is Live

#Brackett.Movie Is LIVE!

After a long process of funding, story-boarding, and logistical coordination, we’re ready to share our story! #Brackett


What’s going on folks? This one’s going to be short & sweet, so here it is!

#TeamBrackett has been hard at work these past few months working on something truly special for my supporters & those who may not be familiar with my story. On Friday, February 2nd, 2018 our team finally released our film site, featuring the trailer for #Brackett The Film. We’ve been working on this for over a year now, and have put in the time, effort, and planning to make sure that this ship continues to move as quick & smooth as possible.

“Humble beginnings in Glassboro.” Watch the trailer HERE!!!

I believe this is a monumental step in sharing my story with the masses, taking my brand to new heights, and, most importantly,in showing (rather than telling) people that DETERMINATION is the single most important determinant in achieving anything in life. Determination (a noun), according to is:

firmness of purpose; resoluteness.


Determination carried me during my career at Rutgers University where I went from walk-on to MVP. In the surreal moments leading up to our Super Bowl XLI win, my #Colts brothers and I walked by faith rather than by sight. We LEANED on our determination and it paid off in a huge way. Even now in my work as a franchise owner & entrepreneur, this principle guides my decisions every single day. This project is even more impactful to me because for the first time, I share some personal stories with the public that haven’t been shared until I decided to open up for this

“Hair check!” On the set of the trailer shoot. Watch here!!!

I share the chronicles of my personal & professional trials and tribulations not to glorify a tale, but to inspire those who may need this inspiration. My favorite quote in life has always been “I Hope We All Make It.” I’m a true believer in the fact that “Success Leaves Clues”. This film is my tribute to both these ideas.

I’d like to give a special shout out to my Creative Team who’s made the process of filmaking a comfortable and enjoyable one for me. My director, Mo McCrae, has been a true confidant in helping bring my experiences to LIFE (again). My executive producer, Thomas McCabe has been an operational stalwart keeping up on schedule & maximizing budgets for the team. Mark Famiglietti & Lane Garrison are writers who truly know what it means to create engaging, personal, and impactful content. In every aspect of my life, from football, to entrepreneurship, and certainly in family life, TEAM has been a defining factor in my own personal success, and I would be remiss if I did not mention them.

Shooting for our trailer out in California. Watch here!!!

Make sure you check out & let me know what you think of trailer!!! Stay tuned for more information & follow my social media accounts for info in real time!!!


Make sure you check out the trailer HERE!!!

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