A Chance To Speak At The 2018 NFLPA Conference

Today, I had a pleasure of speaking at the NFLPA Convention. Many of my friend, followers, and connections who did not play football may be unfamiliar with the organization, but as a former player I understand the importance of a strong union & support system to lean on in moments of uncertainty.

The National Football League Players Association is the union for professional football players in the National Football League. Established in 1956, the NFLPA has a long history of assuring proper recognition and representation of players’ interests.

The chance to descend upon Las Vegas with my peers, former rivals, and the various characters I’ve been blessed to come in contact with is one I truly cherish. The work they put in to make sure that players, many of whom do not have the background or experience to make smooth transitions to new lives after football, are educated on the various options they have after football is invaluable.

The mission of my speech was to impress upon the group of former NFL  players the fact that life doesn’t stop once our playing days are over. While we all may have not made it in the HOF as players, it is not the hardware that we take with us forever, but the LESSONS we are blessed to learn & put in to practice as players every day.  We can all strive to make it in life after the NFL as fathers, husbands and servant leaders in our communities. These thing make a man a Hall Of Famer in Life.

I truly believe success leaves clues. I hope we all make it

–Gary Brackett

Media From The Day:

Nolan Harrison MBA ☯️ on Twitter

Former @colts great and former @nflpa player rep and successful entrepreneur @GaryBrackett58 talking transition here at the @NFLPAFmrPlayers convention! Great knowledge! https://t.co/hr2IUgT81d

NFLPA on Twitter

Want to follow along with the 2018 Board of Player Reps meeting? ????: https://t.co/LY3qQjf4fn ????: https://t.co/feZCSdXmmo



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