Networking, Nephews, and NFL Dreams

Networking is your most powerful tool for growth. Putting yourself out there, meeting new people, and taking advantage of your opportunities can lead to the most unexpected of possibilities. And as we all know, when we create possibilities for ourselves, they extend to those closest to us as well. Last Monday, was the Anthony Calhoun Golf Outing where he raised … Read More

GBGives: A Pitch for The Impact Foundation & The Return of “Rocket Arm”

Another year, another successful “Field Of Dreams” event for the Impact Foundation. Every time I get the opportunity to serve the members of the program, I am also reminded of the reason I started it all in the first place. 11 years ago, close to the day, I found out my brother was diagnosed with cancer. My heart was already … Read More

GBSpeaks: 12 Years In The Public Speaking Game.

Nowadays, social media serves as a bigger reminder than our own memories! I got a message from LinkedIn reminding me of my 12 yr anniversary of being a motivational speaker, and until now, I had not thought about the accomplishment of longevity. I am fortunate for the opportunity to continually speak, inspire, and motivate people to lead better lives. This … Read More

Weekend Getaway: My Best Friend.

What’s going on #TeamBrackett & friends!!! After I had some productive meetings in LA I snuck away for a getaway with my best friend for some R&R(&R) in Laguna Beach. When I talk about my best friend, I’m talking about my wife. She is single handled one of the best decisions I made in my life. At times people get so caught … Read More

#Brackett: Don’t Give Up!

Heading To LA: The Road To #Brackett What’s going on #TeamBrackett?! I’ve been on the road all week, and though it’s been a nonstop grind since we landed, it’s been a blessing. The way I see this trip, in my head is: “Another trip to LA, another step closer to making #Brackett a reality.” Entrepreneurship is a long but rewarding road. … Read More